Payday Loan Lenders For Unemployed

Payday loan lenders for the unemployed person is basically the same as a cash advance for a person who is employed full time. You see, seven out of ten payday loan lending houses reported that they will provide loans on a payday basis to those who are unemployed.

Payday loan lenders have requirements and conditions when they lend money.

The first is that your a resident of your country, you have a bank savings account, your over eighteen years of age and have some benefit coming in each week or fortnight.

The benefit itself is looked upon as your “pay”.

This is how a payday loan works. The lender will provide you a cash advance on your next income payday. So if you ask for five hundred dollars, the lender will add their fee, sometimes twenty dollars to each one hundred borrowed, and you pay back the money with your next benefit or pay.

In the perfect world, you borrow five hundred dollars and next income day, the lender gets the five hundred dollars (plus charges) they lent to you, back.

To find a payday loan lender just search online. All lenders have a website because this way, you do all the work and they do not have to pay an employee to take your application. You fill in the application, provide the details they require and the loan is then assessed.

Once approved your cash advance is deposited to your bank account.

When searching for payday loan lenders for the unemployed, just check their site. If in doubt send them an email and ask if you qualify for a payday cash advance.

Look for a lender who will allow you several pay or benefit periods to repay the loan, the cheapest charge per one hundred dollars borrowed and one you can easily contact if something unforeseen happens to your circumstances.

Payday lenders are aware that during periods of unemployment that emergencies do come about and an unemployed person requires a cash advance on their next unemployment benefit. This is why all lenders have a list of who can qualify for such a loan and if you meet those requirements then your loan will or should be approved.

So if your looking for payday loan lenders for unemployed, search online and make your comparisons before you submit any application.

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  1. Dina - November 16, 2009

    I am currently on UNEMPLOYLOANS.COM and I am interested in any suggestions you may have on lenders in Canada (Ontario) that will let me borrow $500+ . I currently do not have a job, however; I receive EI every two weeks and I do have bad credit. PLease help, I greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You kindly

  2. Terry - November 19, 2009

    We would recommend searching for “Canada Ontario payday loans” in your search bar. That way you can make comparisons of each site to find the best deal.

  3. Carl R. Franks - August 25, 2011

    I have been out of work for almost 2 years and I also have bad credit. I need to find out where I can get a loan for auto repairs and I would be able to pay it back once I can land a job again. Can someone help?

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